Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Free Curriculum and Resources for Your Homeschool

Homeschool curriculums can sometimes get a little pricey, but thankfully there are many free curriculums and resources available online. To assist you in your homeschool journey, I have compiled a list of free resources.

Many of these free resources make a solid stand-alone curriculum, and some can be used to supplement something you already own. Whatever you choose, remember that you are the teacher. You do not have to complete everything, and you can modify assignments as you see fit.

Free Curriculum and Resources For Your Homeschool

Discovery K12 - Full non-Common Core traditional curriculum for grades pre-k - 12th-grade. It uses classic literature.

SAS Curriculum Pathways - standards-based curriculum

CK12 - free online textbooks (these are also available free on Amazon to download)

Knewton - Adaptive learning engine. Knewton currently has math for grades 6 - 12, language arts for grades 4-6, and biology for grades 9-11 but will eventually have full learning content for all grades.

Guest Hollow High School Biology -This site uses a free ck12 textbook to create a high school biology curriculum.

Guest Hollow also offers others courses here.

All In One Homeschool - Complete Free Online Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Khan Academy - this is full of free courses!

GCF Learn Free- online tutorials o
n many topics, including math and technology

Homeschool Share - 
 and unit studies

Jenny Phillips - all in one, easy to use

Writing Help:

SAS - Guides students through the writing process and helps them edit their papers - the Google Chrome version is AWESOME!

Grammarly - The free version finds 10 times more mistakes than your word processor.

Charlotte Mason curriculums:

Old Fashioned Education
Ambleside Online


Homeschool Math Online
Free Math Program
Math is Fun
Center for Innovation in Mathematics - grades 1-6
AAA Math
Pixar in a Box - learn how the Pixar artists use math and other skills to create their movies


MS Nucleus - K-12 Science
Free Middle School Science and Free Magazine
Guest Hollow - Chemistry, Botany, Biology, Anatomy - literature-based


Letter of the Week

Social Studies:

Government and election resources
Bringing Up Learners - World History
Guest Hollow - Free history for various ages and time periods

Handwriting Sheets Generator:

Handwriting Worksheets
ABC Teach



Homeschool Curriculum Reviews:

Cathy Duffy Reviews
The Homeschool Mom

Happy Homeschooling!
Lara T Caldwell, TSCHAA Director