Thursday, March 9, 2017

TSCHAA Diplomas

Do you have a graduating homeschooler this year? Under the Third Option homeschool law, parents are given the power to create and maintain records. This includes creating and issuing a diploma.

There are many free templates online that can help you create a unique diploma, and you can also create one on your own.

TSCHAA is proud to offer our diplomas in padded diploma covers from Grads4Good for $38.

$1 spent at Grads4Good = $1 spent to build clean water well systems in impoverished communities. 

If you have named your homeschool, TSCHAA will feature your homeschool name on the top of the diploma. You can also purchase a diploma in a cardstock diploma cover for $18. Both the padded cover and cardstock cover are available in navy blue.

Actual diploma paper may be different than picture depending on availability. The wording may vary as well.

If you are interested in ordering a diploma from TSCHAA, you can purchase one on the Application/Forms page of the TSCHAA website. Diplomas can take 2-3 weeks for delivery, so please plan ahead. (TSCHAA diplomas are available for purchase by members only.)

To learn more about Grads4Good, visit their site at

(The diploma fee includes diploma cover, printed diploma, and shipping.)