Saturday, January 21, 2017

Standardized Testing

Are you considering standardized testing for your homeschooler? Although standardized testing is NOT a requirement when you homeschool under the SC Third Option Homeschool Law, many families still choose to use standardized testing in their homeschools.

Standardized tests allow parents to compare their child's progress to other students and determine the grade level of their work. Standardized tests are objective, and a student's progress can be measured over the years.  Testing also holds the parent accountable for what they teach their child each year and can keep the knowledge learned similar to public school peers.

However, many people argue that standardized tests do not show a child's true intelligence. The test will not show their creativity and other skills beyond the basic subject areas of the test. Some students do not test well, and testing may cause anxiety. Many people argue that the test only measures the student's performance on that particular day and outside factors could influence how well the student does.

If you choose to use standardized testing in your homeschool, you may want to consider the following options:

Classical Conversations (onsite or online):

ABeka (offers online testing):

Bob Jones:

CAT through Academic Excellence (parents can administer at home):

Homeschool Testing Services:

HSLDA has a list of testing options for homeschoolers:

Another option to consider rather than standardized testing is placement tests. The link below lists companies that offer free placement tests for their curriculum. Administering these to your students may help you determine grade level and ability.

Sonlight placement tests (Free):

As a homeschooler, you have lots of options in how you choose to educate your child. Standardized testing may be a good choice for some families but a poor choice for others. Choosing to administer a standardized test is a personal decision for each homeschool family. Whatever you choose, remember that standardized testing is NOT a requirement of a SC Third Option Homeschooler.